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Hi! I’m so excited you’re here.

The basic gist:

I am a creator and storyteller with experience in digital.

The background:

For the past 4 years I’ve been living the corporate life: playing with photo robots, planning shoots and more recently running creative for social media. 

The why:

While I like learning something new every day at work, my greatest source of inspiration is human connection and travel (it is the only time I don’t groan if I am woken up at 6AM). 

Things I love:

learning about new cultures, discovering local meals, diving with sea turtles, snuggling with my cat, a great cup of coffee in the morning, great design, connecting with people.

Things I’m good at:

capturing moments on camera, foreign languages (I speak 4), being adaptable, supporting incredible humans, overcoming my fears, partnership, communication.

Things I’m looking for next:

exciting escapes, underrated daily moments, tasty discoveries, interesting people to learn from and to document. 

Thanks for popping by!


What others are saying:

“Madalina is an incredibly creative and hard working artist. [...] She is not only a great photographer, she’s an incredible Art Director who takes charge while collaborating with everyone else.”

  • Lara Yegenoglu (Project Manager)

“I can trust her to capture great detail shots, be on top of her game when she’s assisting me on projects ranging from portraits to weddings, and brainstorm until we get the shot we want. [...] I highly recommend working with her.“

  • Holly J. Haroz (Photographer)

“I have never met anybody so energetic, enthusiastic, hard working, positive, and eager to help at any moment.”

  • Gema Alcodori (Art Director)

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